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Born in the California Bay Area, Greg has always had an eye for the beauty of nature. While obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics, Greg was formally trained in color photography, picture composition and dark room processing. Greg graduated in 1985 from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and continued his education receiving his Masters of Science in Computer Science from Houston Baptist University  
Greg Walters
Greg Walters

Making the jump from film to digital photography in 2000, Greg also moved into the world of professional photography. Most summer weekends he can be found hiking a mountain trail or canvasing local sporting events with a camera draped around his neck.

Greg has been the official photographer for several sports teams. 

"Being a professional photographer has been a dream of mine for years. I always enjoy the people I work with and am comitted to helping them capture memories that will last a lifetime"

Greg lives and works out of Lone Tree, Colorado and can be reached at 303-470-8898 

Woodward High School Woodward Bunker Elementary School Newark California Shell Oil Company Houston Texas Qwest Communications Denver Colorado

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